Complete Natural Nutrition Real Food Toppers Chicken Dog Treats

by Complete Natural Nutrition
Real Food Toppers Chicken: We only use the very best cuts of US white meat chicken - the same chicken you would eat yourself - and then freeze dry them. Dogs and cats thrive on pure digestible meat protein and Pure Chicken Breast contains no added preservatives, fillers or by-products. Dogs and cats go crazy for Real Food Toppers fed dry, straight out of the bag. But when re-hydrated with warm water, Pure Chicken Breast is identical to the white meat chicken served in restaurants. Our dogs and cats deserve nothing less than the best American sourced human grade chicken.

WARNING: Cats especially go crazy for Real Food Toppers Pure Chicken Breast. It's been described as ‘kitty crack'. Make sure to store in a closed pantry under lock and key.

Just One Ingredient
US Sourced
US Made
Antibiotic Free
Hormone Free
Actual People Food
Feed As a Treat
Feed as a Gourmet Topper on Food
Feed Dry or Re-Constituted
No Sugar
No Artificial Ingredients
No Added Salt
No Junk Calories
No Refrigeration
Cooked & then Freeze Dried
2 year shelf life
Foil Lined Bag for Extra Freshness
Whole Dog Journal - Editor's Choice